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What Sign of affection are you? (with cute pics)

You are a cuddle and kiss on the forehead. You love to snuggle up with that special someone and just spend the whole day together. You don't have to go out and do something to enjoy each other's company.
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What Type Of Eyes Do You Have And What Do They Say?

Rainbow Eyes-Your outgoing and speak your mind.Your a very colorful and unique person.You dont care what people think and you share that with the world.You color your hair.You take chances.Fears are nothing in your eyes.You know your real friends from your fake ones and thats that.
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What is your adorable love line?

Baby, you just color my black white world.
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What color is your aura?
Your Blue!!!You have a blue aura because you wear your emotions on your sleeve. You're a very loving and sincere person, and you're good at showing buds how much you care.
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Who's Your Supernatural Dude? ( Girls and gay guys only. Looooong results, trust me!)

Name: Mia Torentarres (you you can substitute your actual self your choice)
SPN dude: Sam
Hair color: Sandy blonde
Eye color: Blue-Green

You met sam at Stamford and became fast friends.Eventually you started crushing on him, but he was already dating Jessica. Then came the fire and Sam left. You stuck it out for another year before finally leaving yourself. You hadn't seen your mom in years, since your parents divorced when you were 4, and your dad was a drunk who could care less what you did, so you simply took off, diving aimlessly around the US. You were headed for florida when your car broke down in some dinky little backwoods town. The local mechanic said he could fix it, but it would take a few hours, so you desided to grab a bite to eat. the last thing you expected was to run into sam there, but you did. You two spent the next few hours catching up and when he suggested that you come stay with them for the night, you immediately agreed. You ended up sharing a bed with Sam, and spent most of the night Talking. By the time you went to sleep, you knew all about what Sam and Dean did, and to Sam's surprise, were pretty much okay with it. You ended up becomeing a hunter and going on the road with them. How he proposed: You woke up one morning and went to get dressed and found a note on your bag that said "go to the impala" on it. You went there to find another note , this one with "x marks the spot" on it and a map with an x marked on it. The x turned out to be a spa where someone had paid for you to get a massage, and your hair, nails and make up done. one of the spa employees gave you a third note, this one with coordinates on it. the next place was a store where someone had for dress and shoes for you. the finale note instructed you to go to a local park and wait on the carousel. you got there to find the park empty and the carousel silent. Sudenly the lights and music of the caroucel came on. it was then that you saw that there was note on one of the horses side that read "ride me". curiously, you hopped on, and it began to move. after a few minutes, you noticed something shiny ucked in a crevice of it. being something of a caroucel fanatic, you knew what it was, a brass ring put there for people to try to grab for a free ride. just for the heck of it, you desided to see if you could get it. it took several tries, but eventually you did get it. the thing ws, it was brass, adn it had a heart shaped ruby on it, with a diamond on either side. you were still staring at it, when the ride stopped and Sam appeared. he looked amazing, in a classic black and white tux. he took the ring from you and got down on one knee. "mia, will you marry me?" he asked you. "yes!" you squealed before falling off the horse and into his arms and kissing him. What happend: You two got married on the beach in Florida. a year later, your son, Michael Dean Winchester came along. two years after that you had Lilly Marie Winchester.
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Which character from "Supernatural" are you?
created with
You scored as Sam Winchester

You are Sam Winchester. You have had some hard times growing up and tend to be more rebelious than your brother when it comes to your father. You are run by revenge and your guilt sometimes makes you not able to see the forest through the trees. Your biggest dream is to be normal. You fight hard for things you want and would die for your family but revenge sometimes clouds your memory and could risk your own life if you dont think abot it carefully.

Sam Winchester


Dean Winchester


John Winchester


Which Guy From Supernatural Would You Date?? ( detailed story)
***** Sam****

You are a Sam kinda girl! Although hunting is in your blood you secretly wish for a normal life.-How you got together- Sam got back with the drinks and Dean got wasted, passed out and began to snore. You and Sam decided to get some fresh air, after walking for a bit you sit down and begin to talk. You guys have a great connection. Sam leans over a bit. "Nanashi your amazing" he says softly. You smile and blush. Sam smiles and kisses you. You and Sam stay out all night and watch the sunrise in each others arms. Awh! When you arrive back at the motel Sam asks you to come with them. You agree and have been huntinug with them ever since. Although you and Sam are making plans to leave the business. Cutness!-Thoughts-Dean- Damnit, i thought i had her! Oh well, its good that Sammy is gettin some action. * winks*Sam- She is perfect for me, we understand each other, i can talk to her about anything! I think....I think i love her.
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